Is your cargo protected? Do you think about this?

To the attention of transport companies, private cargo carriers and all those who are interested in the safety of expensive goods when delivering them in the process of transportation and storage. We increased attention to the safety of the goods being transported. We offering an inexpensive but effective solution for this. This is lock named "Garant Cargo"

If you install the lock "Garant Cargo", you will get advantages

Can be used in extreme conditions

Рrotected by a cover from dirt, dust and moisture

The location of the lock inside the container prevents it from freezing and makes it impossible for water and dirt to enter it

The lock was tested in the climatic conditions of Russia, on a test cars at different times of the year, under the conditions of real trucking by one of the transport companies

High protection against hacking

The mechanism of secrecy Abloy Sento (360 million combinations)

Steel bolt 10 mm. thick

Access to the bolt is completely excluded


The lock quickly pays off for the first few truck transportations


The lock is made of galvanized steel and reliably protected from corrosion

Warranty against rust 10 years

You will not forget to close it

The lock is designed in such a way that it is impossible to close the door without closing the lock


It can be used for any swing and sliding gates with a thickness of 20 to 30 mm.

Outside view Inside view
Cover Handle
Latch      Bolt     

The lock operation procedure:

  1. Insert the key into the keyhole
  2. Open the security cover
  3. Turn the key clockwise 180°
  4. Pull the key on yourself
  5. Turn the handle clockwise by 180°
  6. The lock is open
The lock for truck refrigerated semi-trailers The lock for truck isothermal semi-trailers The lock for truck awning semi-trailers The lock for containers

We invite to cooperation companies of auto carriers, service centers, service stations, logistics hubs. The sale of professional "Garant Cargo" locks designed to protect against unauthorized access to containers, isothermal semi-trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers is a successful business that we want to offer to you

We have 22 years of experience in the production of against thief mechanical protection systems

We are a manufacturer of complex systems of vehicle protection against thief. Our company FLIM Ltd. is the owner of a popular brand "Garant"

We are interested in expanding the geography of our products and are ready to cooperate with wholesale and retail, service companies working in the field of freight. We need dealers and installation centers for sales and installations of our lock "Garant Cargo"

If you have a desire to represent the our product the lock "Garant Cargo" in your region you can call to us or e-mail

Skidanov Dmitry
Нead of sales of new products

Tel. (8482) 704-888 (add 104)
Мobile +7-927-893-20-39
Skype: flim_sales_develop



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* Каждой из первых десяти транспортных компаний, заинтересовавшихся нашей продукцией, мы предоставим не требующий возврата замок «Гарант Карго» для тестовых испытаний. Уточните подробности по телефону